Parents in a St. Louis school district are upset over a controversial sex education book.

The book, made available to students in the Francis Howell School District, is meant for kids 10 years and up. 

From KSDK:

Some parents are outraged over the cartoon drawings of naked people and others involved in sexual acts. It’s available at the middle school libraries.

“Most of the time, when I showed this to parents, their jaws just hit the floor,” parent Tim Schmidt said. “They were shocked and then their next reaction was outrage.”

Tim Schmidt is a father of two. He’s talking about the reaction some parents have to “Perfectly Normal.” According to the authors, it talks about changing bodies, growing up, sex and sexual health.

“It has a lot of explicit drawings,” Schmidt said. “Cartoon images, life-like cartoon images. A look of nudity. It actually shows people having sex.”

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This is the first time the book has been in the Francis Howell School District. It’s available in e-form, but is not part of the school’s curriculum. Schmidt filed a complaint to have the work removed.

Not all parents are upset with the book, including June Tiller who told KSDK, “I feel like if the school teaches them this, and they have this information available, it’s very important, and it will help keep them safe.”

Parkway and Ferguson-Florissant, two other districts in St. Louis, do not have the book.

What is an appropriate age to educate kids about sex and their bodies?

Should it be left strictly up to the parents?

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