You might have expected this.

Yesterday we reported that Paula Deen had hired the services of real life Olivia Pope, Judy Smith to help repair her image.

We’re not sure if the following is part of Smith plan, but Deen has also reached out to Reverend Jesse Jackson:


Jackson told The Associated Press on Wednesday that Deen called him this week, and they discussed how she might recover.


Jackson says if Deen is willing to acknowledge mistakes and make changes, “she should be reclaimed rather than destroyed.”


Jackson says he’s more troubled by racial disparities in jobs, lending, health care, business opportunities and the criminal justice system.


Read more at The Huffington Post.


In related news, after Rev. Jackson tweeted that Deen should be “redeemed” and not destroyed, he felt the fire of “Black Twitter.”


What do you think of Jackson, who actually witnessed and participated in the civil rights movement, helping Deen?

Should Paula Deen be “reclaimed rather than destroyed”?

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