David Desper, 28, from Trainer, Pa. has been arrested following a manhunt after he shot a Black teenager during a road rage incident. Desper has been charged with first and third degree murder, possession of an instrument of crime, and reckless endangering after shooting Bianca Roberson, 18, on Wednesday. 

Authorities released photos and security footage of Desper’s red pickup truck after the shooting, which they say helped them with a number of tips, according to ABC.

District Attorney Tom Hogan held a press conference where he condemned Desper’s actions and filled in gaps in the story for members of the media.

“As Bianca was merging from two lanes to one, there was a man in a red pick up truck also merging down and they jockeyed for position and he wasn’t happy,” Hogan said. “So he pulled out a gun and shot Bianca in the head, killing her instantly.”

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Authorities found the handgun Desper killed Roberson with in his hotel room. They also found a license saying that he was legally allowed to carry it from 2015.

“This appears to be a savage, senseless and brutal act from one human being to another human being,” said Hogan.

Bianca’s family had mixed feelings after finding out her killed was now in custody.

“I feel that I would feel relief or excited and happy. I was happy, but I felt down, thinking about that’s the truck alongside my sister, her last moments of life,” said her brother, Dontae Alburg.

Members of the community have stepped up to donate to the family in their time of loss. Bianca had just graduated from Bayard Rustin High School in West Chester and was set to attend Jacksonville University in the fall.