Social media has innovated the ways that public figures can get dragged for their problematic behavior. The most recent victim of that phenomenon is West York, Pennslyvania mayor, Charles Wasko.

West York is a town of about 4,500 people located 100 miles west of Philadelphia. Wasko doesn’t actually get paid, as he mostly just breaks tiebreakers on the city council and only won his 2013 election with 202 votes, according to CBS News.

Wasko’s job sounds pretty easy. At least, as far as being a mayor goes. Unfortunately for him, he managed to break the one rule that would likely keep him in his comfortable spot as a politician no on really voted for. He got called out for making multiple racist posts on his public Facebook profile

According to the Washington Post, one of the posts shows a group of orangutans being carted away in a wagon with a caption comparing it to the day the Obamas move out of the White House. Another shows a dog with a cloth over its head being touted as a “Guide dog for a Muslim woman.”

The most offensive post would likely be one that displays Clint Eastwood from a scene in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly where the cowboy is holding a noose apparently meant for President Obama. The latter was removed, either by Wasko or Facebook.

Many of the townspeople in West York are embarrassed by their mayor’s actions and have called for his resignation. But, of course, Wasko is against giving up his non-paid position and is labelling the protests as a witch hunt.

Regardless of how he feels, the city council met on Monday night to censure his powers and publicly state that they’ll be looking for a legal way to force his resignation.

“We will send a message to the mayor that his legislative body rebukes him in every way,” said council president Shawn Mauck. “He has embarrassed all of us. Not just this table but everyone in this room. Everyone in West York. Everyone in York County, everyone in this Commonwealth.”

Photo Credit: Twitter