A man has created an online petition to put an end to what he calls the degradation of blacks by record labels. 

The petition, started by Kenneth Paulk, calls for record companies to no longer allow artists to create disrespectful music. 


This petition is for our future children and grandchildren. This petition is for our ancestors that sacrificed and died to make things better for us.

We have to let our ancestors know that we will not allow our legacy to be destroyed by corporate America, and we will not allow our legacy to be destroyed by a few greedy music artist that value money more than they value their own people.

When you see bad things happening and don’t say anything it will continue forever. Bad things will only stop when good people take a stand against it.


The petition states that, “we would never allow whites or any other groups to make songs against us, and we shouldn’t allow blacks to do it either.”

View and sign the petition here. 

Whose responsibility is it to ensure that quality music is being created by black artists?

Should artists have the freedom to just create what they want regardless of content?

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