In the wake of widespread outrage regarding a Rick Ross lyric making light of date rape, petitions have been launched demanding that the rapper and the music industry take responsibility for his offensive words.

A petition on asks that Ross “publicly¬†apologize for glorifying drugging/raping women.

Meanwhile, a site called has launched a petition of their own (through called “Rape, Ross, and Responsibility #RRR”

From RapRehab:

Now, we demand change.

We are asking for:

1) A system of safe guards that protects your consumers and more importantly the general public from illegal references promoting rape, drug use, violence and misogyny.

2) A concerted effort to test, market and promote more positive and conscientious rap artists. Grammy Award winner, Lecrae is a prime example of a hip hop artist who is highly profitable and more importantly positive.

3) To remember your consumers, partners and share holders that have the same values that you share with your family, children and relatives. The images you share with your children are universally appropriate for all communities.

4) Finally, we request a literacy outreach program that is promoted and endorsed by your company and artists. This long cycle of degrading images has caused many youth to be guided in the wrong direction by the artists that you aggressively promote. We do not expect you to be parents – only responsible members of the communities you profit from.


To sign the petitions click HERE and HERE


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