Americans routinely express dissatisfaction with government and the state of American affairs. However, much like the GenForward survey revealed that diverse young adults hold complex beliefs about race relations and political power in America, including a belief in substantial Black political power, most Americans believe that their perception of the “American Dream” is attainable. Even so, racial and ethnic differences translate to somewhat different beliefs according to a study by The Pew Research Center.

Pew revealed a few weeks ago that 62 percent of Black respondents believe their family is on the way to their American Dream. Fifty-two percent of Hispanic respondents said the same. Forty-two percent of white respondents believe their family is on track for their American Dream.

About one-in-five believe the American dream is “out of reach” for their family. Forty-one percent of white respondents said their family already reached the American Dream. This contrasts with 17 percent of Black respondents and 32 of Hispanic respondents (who can be racially part of any group).

Standing alone, partisan politics did not substantially sway respondents’ perceptions. Forty-one percent of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents believe they have achieved the American dream. Democratic and Democratic leaners’ rate was 32 percent.