Philando Castile was, unfortunately, familiar with police and the experience of being pulled over, which ultimately led to his deathNew York Daily News reports that Castile was actually stopped by police 52 times in the past 14 years

The jury is still out on whether this was a result of Castile being targeted, and why, and there will likely never be a clearly defined answer. But the numbers are concerning, to say the least.

Out of all of the stops averaging once every four months, less than half were ever prosecuted in court and most of them were either petty misdemeanors or misdemeanors for driving with a revoked license or without proof of insurance. While he paid $6,558 in fines throughout that time, most of the charges were dismissed.

For some, this surely provides a peek into the daily lives and concerns of many people of color and explains the strife between them and police officers across the country.

Photo Credit: Family photo/Facebook