pop culture

I am a 90’s baby….

the epitome of infancy growing up in the 90’s.

Im talking about when we did the bounce and not the beyonce

Im talking back when we thought the letters TLC

were close together in the alphabet

chasing waterfalls in our LA Gears and Jellies

kicking back in our Nautica and Fubu Jumpers

jumping over toad-stools with mario-brotherspop1

On our Nintendo 64!!!

Listening to my big sister with her fly asymmetrical haircut bump

“California Love”

wishing my spice girl CD was as cool as her Envouge one was

but it never made the cut, which consequently taught you what real music was

which consequently caused me to regurgitate all this bull and


Spoon fed to us by mechanical made media mothers

see Y2K kids grow up starving for attention

only due to lack of resistance see we

“had to creep yea, keeping it on the downlow”

sneaking peeks of “boyz-in-the-hood” on VHS vhs2dvd


that’s right I said VHS

all while simultaneously nodding our noggins to N Sync

see we were in sync with diversity

before we could link it with adversity

I personally mentally managed my pokemon cards trying to figure out

how many pichachus I would have to trade before purchasing that

sony walkman in the third grade, I already “had five on it”

But it felt like “the more money we came upon the more problems we see”

see 90’s kids, knew that politics and economics were essential, we use to sing

My country tis of thee,

in elementary

and pledged out allegiance when Clinton was still presidential

all while checking our gigga pet,

or our nano-petspikachu

tama gucchi

yama gucchi

forgeting the fact that they were

all the same thing

they were still tight


and so I’m a 90’s baby

see we were the prodigies of Tupac

I was the kid who actually picked the rose from the concrete that has no feet

I was the last of the technology deprived

the last who actually thought it was fun to play outside

I was the last of the real dancers, who did the running man, the cabbage patch

the tic, the pop

The last generation who will actually be able to recall what real hip-hop is

I  am the end of ramen noodles, kool-aid and sugar in a baggy see,

I called it candy boy,

Pogo-StickI was the end of hop-stoch, yoyo,s, skip-it, and pogo sticks

handmade fortune tellers and yes no maybe love notes, with lisa frank sticker

I was the child of the parents who still defended OJ

the child of the parents who prayed for Michael

and if you didn’t like it boo-boo

you could just talk to the hand, cuz the face did not understand

Man I used to Jam with Whitney Houston

and dance with Mary-kate and Ashley before the drug-cycles


oh you don’t know who I am??? Then why am I still here???

cuz in the 90’s I used to “take a look, and read a book” its reading rainbow

taught me how to participate

And 2008’s fate aint looking too great

the truth is I gotta stay

becuz the past cant last longer than kriss-krosses career did

but this aint good-bye

more of a see you later alligator

In a while crocodile type of deal

but don’t worry, I could always meet you at the cross-roads, cross-roads, cross-roads,

so you wont be lonely

my childhood…you are appreciated