Former Police Chief Doug Jordan (KSAZ)

 A Georgia police chief resigned after being suspended for sending racist text messages to his officers.

And he did it with a clean record. 

From Raw Story:

On Friday, Grantville Mayor Jim Sells announced that Police Chief Doug Jordan had been suspended for seven days, but did not explain why.

The city council was expected to take up the case during a closed meeting on Monday. But Jordan offered his resignation before the council meeting, allowing him to avoid an investigation.

The Times-Herald reported on Monday that the resignation had been connected to texts Jordan sent to officers, which included the N-word.

“When we approached the chief in regards to these allegations, he did not deny them and accepted some culpability,” Sells explained. “Following this revelation, he was immediately placed on suspension.”

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The city council wasn’t expected to review the case at Monday’s meeting because Jordan no longer worked for the city.

One officer came forward to report Jordan’s use of racist language in text messages, but despite that fact, Jordan was still able to resign with a clean record.

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