An eighth grader was reportedly the victim of racist bullying at Northeast Regional Catholic School in Philadelphia.

According to the young man’s mother, two white students took her son’s notebook and scrawled “a picture of a swastika, the N-word, as well as the words ‘Koolaid,’ ‘watermelon,’ and ‘fried chicken.”

The school says the boys have been suspended for two days and her forced to apologize. And after much prodding from the mother, they were removed from the victim’s class two months later.

And her son is not the only victim of racist bullying at the school.

From NBC Philadelphia:

“Somebody pushed him and called him a n*****,” said the woman, who also did not want to be identified.

When speaking to NBC10’s Harry Hairston on Friday, Coccia claimed she hadn’t known about that incident until Hairston informed her.

“To the best of my knowledge this school does not have a history of this type of behavior,” she said.

A parent of one of the victims filed a police report. Philadelphia Police say detectives are currently investigating. Both parents believe the students who targeted their sons should be expelled.



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