According to a police report, former NFL player Darren Sharper told several witnesses that he and an acquaintance had non-consensual sex with two women in New Orleans last fall.

Sharper is currently in jail in Los Angeles, where he is also facing charges. 

From USA Today:

A hearing will be held in Los Angeles on Friday on efforts to extradite Sharper to New Orleans to face aggravated rape charges. Police suspect him of raping nine women in five states since September: two in New Orleans, two in Arizona, two in Los Angeles, two in Las Vegas and one in Miami.

Sharper has been formally charged only in the Los Angeles case and has pleaded not guilty.

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Each case follows a similar pattern: the women all say they were raped by Sharper after becoming intoxicated or drugged by him after a night of partying.

Sharper’s attorneys have disputed the allegations. The other cases remain under investigation.

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