A Florida police officer has been fired after bringing Trayvon Martin targets to a gun range.

On April 4th, Sgt. Ron King was leading target practice with a few other officers when he pulled out the targets.

The group of officers declined King’s offer to use the targets for practice.

From WFTV:

The image of someone wearing a dark hoodie with a drink can and a bag of Skittles candy in their hand has become a well-known symbol in the death of 17-year-old Martin. The unarmed teen was shot and killed in Sanford last year.

Officials will not say if the targets were actually used by King.

“Whether his act was hatred or stupidity, none is tolerable,” said Walsh.

The firearms training was being held at a facility at the Brevard Community College campus in Cocoa. The officers who were participating in the training, as well as King, were on duty at the time.

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Since the firing, King has responded to the accusations.

He claims he’s a pawn in someone’s political agenda, and that he brought the targets to show officers what they should NOT shoot at.

View his YouTube response video HERE


Thoughts on the continued vitriol directed at the late Trayvon Martin?

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