Earlier this week we told you about Sharmeka Moffitt, a 20 year-old Louisiana woman found in a public park with burns covering over half of her body.

Moffitt had alleged that three men in white hoodies attacked her, and intentionally set her on fire. The letters “KKK” were written on the hood of her car.

Well, after two days of investigating, the authorities have released their findings regarding the attack.

Apparently, Ms. Moffitt set herself on fire, and made up the entire thing.

From CBS News:

“After two days of investigating the case, authorities on Tuesday said the evidence showed she apparently set herself on fire.

CBS affiliate KNOE in Monroe reports police found her fingerprints on a lighter, as well as DNA evidence on a charcoal fluid lighter bottle near the scene. They also said they believe she was the one who wrote “KKK” on her car. Authorities offered no possible motives for the incident.

Moffitt is reportedly still in critical condition.”

Read more at CBSNews.com

Hopefully, when Sharmeka Moffitt recovers from her injuries, she gets the help she needs.


Are you relieved that this was not a hate crime after all?

Why would someone fabricate this kind of thing?

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