Marvel is working on bringing a newly established comic book character from the page to television, and has tapped Black-ish Executive Producer Lawrence Fishburne and Grown-ish Executive Producer Helen Sugland to lead the project. The series will be developed for Disney Channels Worldwide, and it features a Black nine-year-old super genius named Lunella Lafayette who teams up with her red dinosaur to save the day.

Marvel Animation is producing the series alongside Cinema Gypsy Productions, which is Fishburne’s company. Additionally, some visual development and animation production work will be handled by Titmouse, Inc., the same company producing an animated comic series featuring Malcolm X and Redd Foxx.

It is not yet known which one of Disney’s American studios will get to host the animated series, but we do know that no matter if it’s Disney Channel, Disney XD or Disney Junior, little Black girls everywhere will soon get another opportunity to see themselves as the heroes of their own stories.

After the success of their latest film, Black Panther; Marvel and their parent company Disney seem to understand the power of representation to drive their bottom line and increase engagement with their franchises. Along with Shuri and Ironheart, Moon Girl is ranked as one of the most intelligent characters in the Marvel Universe. Little Black girls everywhere have plenty of inspiration and engagement with STEM in the Marvel Universe, and now they will get to see the fantastic adventures of Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur on a small screen.