President Obama announced a large-scale youth employment initiative today, unveiling commitments from a slew of major companies and business men to create 180,000 summer jobs for young people.

Dubbed, “Summer Jobs+,” the initiative will focus on serving low-income youth between the ages of 16-24.

Young people will be able to begin their search using an online jobs database within the next two months.

From The Loop 21:

“‘America’s young people face record unemployment, and we need to do everything we can to make sure they’ve got the opportunity to earn the skills and a work ethic that come with a job,’ President Barack Obama said in a statement released Thursday morning.

The administration says it hopes to increase the commitment to 250,000 jobs by the start of summer; at least 100,000 of those are slated for placements in paid opportunities and internships. The list of employers includes AT&T, Bank of America, Gap, Inc., Jamba Juice, LinkedIn, Starbucks, and UPS. For a full list of the employers, click here.”

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