For the past eight years, until now, the White House had officially recognized June as LGBT Pride month. That progressive tradition has seemingly ended because the Trump administration is basically ignoring it. And it’s definitely not an accident. 

On the last day of May, President Trump issued five proclamations, according to Newsweek. Among them were the decisions to spend June honoring Caribbean-American heritage, black music, homeownership, and, get this, the outdoors and the ocean. Let’s recall how the same guy pulled the U.S. out of an agreement to save the planet that even North Korea is calling him out for. Despite all of these proclamations, one honoring June as LGBT Pride month was missing.

While the president continues to show us exactly how little he respects people unlike himself, other parts of the government are keeping the tradition alive. Branches of the military and Pentagon have each released statements celebrating Pride month since June began.

Perhaps in an attempt to cover for her father’s negligence, Ivanka Trump tweeted out her support for Pride month. However, this was viewed as hypocritical from LGBT supporters and blasphemous from adversaries to the movement.

Many called her out for trying to paint herself, and, by extension, her family, as an ally to the LGBT community despite multiple political moves that suggest otherwise.