On Saturday, various media outlets had reported the news that thousands across the nation had been waiting for--the cancellation of the “celebrity” boxing match between former Florida neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman and rapper DMX.

Since the announcement of the match, protesters have been steadfast in their quest to put an end to the fight, and it appeared that they had been victorious when fight promoter Damn Feldman released the following tweet Saturday afternoon.

Just a few hours after releasing the tweets, Feldman took to the social media platform once again to express that he was not in fact cancelling the fight, but will make his final decision at a press conference on Tuesday.

Various petitions on and on called for an end to the March 1st bout. DMX originally confirmed his participation in the battle, but has sense expressed hesitation.

Thoughts on the situation and Feldman’s actions?

Is he being insensitive to the Martin family?

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