Protesters in Ferguson, Missouri shut down a local Walmart in solidarity with an unarmed 22-year-old black man who was fatally shot by police in Ohio in August.

Dozens of protesters, who are in the area for a continued “Weekend of Resistance,” filed into the St. Louis Walmart at 10741 W Florissant Ave. 

From Counter Current News:

Dozens of protestors have swarmed the local Walmart in solidarity with John Crawford who was shot and killed by Officer Sean Williams at the Beavercreek, Ohio location of the multinational corporation.

Protesters from Organization for Black Struggle turned out in force to shutdown Walmart, as they and other supporters said unequivocally that “Mike Brown Is John Crawford.” […]

“The killings of Michael Brown, VonDerrit Meyers, and John Crawford by the police all have one thing in common, they were young Black men in America. Police violence against Black people is a national problem and that is why we are building a national movement to end police violence and win racial justice,” Monatgue Simmons Chair Organization for Black Struggle explained.

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The link between John Crawford and Mike Brown is one that many have been making in Ohio as well. The shutdown came as part of Ferguson October’s Moral Monday. The day of non-violent direct action has seen many arrests, including that of Professor Cornel West.

Black lives matter.

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