Authorities at Grand Valley State University are investigating an incident where a black student found a racist threat written on their dorm room door’s message board.

According to Dean of Students Bart Merkle, the student returned to the Copeland Living Center Monday and found the message. 

From WXMI:

The sketch shows a person being hanged, with X’s for their eyes. In addition to the drawing, there was also an anti-Black History Month comment along with other racial slurs. “This is not something that we are used to having in our community,” Merkle said.  ”That hate really has no place on a campus or any place.”

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Another student told WXMI that a similar incident also happened to her on campus, and plans on leaving the university due to the harsh racial climate.

Staff is currently talking with students in the dorm and trying to find the person responsible for the offense. 12 bias incident reports were filed at the school in the fall of 2013. Of them, 3 were race-related.

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