The never-ending onslaught of attacks on the character of the late Trayvon Martin continues, with news that white supremacists have hacked into the slain teenager’s email and social media accounts, and posted the contents online.

Gawker points to an anonymous hacker named Klankannon, who has proudly proclaimed to have procured evidence that Martin smoked marijuana, posed with a wad of cash, and planned on taking the SATs and attending college.


From The Huffington Post:

“A slide posted to the message board titled ‘Trayvon Martin Used Marijuana Habitually,’ apparently shows a conversation between Martin and a friend about getting high. Another alleged that Martin was a drug dealer and showed a picture of Martin standing ‘aggressively with a large amount of cash in his hand.’

Gawker reported that Klankannon shared several of Martin’s usernames and email accounts on the thread. The hacker also said that the passwords had been changed to racist slurs like ‘niggerniggernigger’ and ‘coontrayvonnigger.'”

According to Gawker (and anyone with a brain), the results of the hacks paint a picture of a fairly average, college-bound teenager; not some delinquent gangster that deserved to die.

Sorry, racists!

“But Klanklannon included none of Martin’s emails in his leak, because the picture they paint is of a normal high school junior preparing for college. A screenshot of Trayvon’s Gmail inbox our source provided us is heartbreaking. Martin apparently used his Gmail account for his college search, and it’s filled with emails about upcoming SAT tests and scholarship applications. (‘Trayvon, now is the best time to take the SATs!’) One email included the results of a career aptitude test, our source said. It ‘talked about his interest in aeronautics and stuff.'”

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