Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice held a press conference to apologize to his wife months after video of him assaulting her became public. Rice’s two game suspension was the subject of tremendous discussion.

ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith was suspended for a week after people took offense to his comments on the incident.

From CBS Baltimore:

Rice would not specifically address anything that happened in Atlantic City. Instead, he says he takes responsibility and is now focused on moving forward.

“I own my actions,” he said. “I just don’t want to keep reliving the incident. It doesn’t bring any good to me. I’m just trying to move forward from it. I don’t condone it. I take full responsibility for my actions. What happened that night is something that I’m going to pay for the rest of my life.”

He spoke about his 2-year-old daughter one day going on Google and him having to explain what happened.

“I know that’s not who I am as a man. That’s not who my mom raised me to be. I was raised by a single parent, and that was my mother. I let her down, I let my wife down, I let my daughter down. I let her parents down. I let so many people down because of 30 seconds of my life that I know I can’t take back,” Rice said.

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Rice will serve his suspension during the upcoming NFL season. Click here to watch the full statement.

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