Not even a week after a Maryland student was reprimanded for bringing a Confederate flag to school property, two more students have committed the same offense.

A photo circling the Internet shows students at Glenelg High School raising the Confederate flag at the school’s football game last Friday. 

From CBS Baltimore:

“It’s not OK, it’s not OK at all,” Glenelg resident Lisa Peklo said. On Wednesday, just days later, school officials say two students walked into with confederate flags draped over their shoulders, causing more outrage.

The school superintendent says the students involved have been disciplined according to the school code of conduct, which is “intolerant of hateful and disruptive behaviors, words and symbols.”

In a statement to WJZ, County Executive Ken Ulman said public displays of the Confederate flag evoke division, hate and subjugation. “We must teach our kids why this is such a hurtful symbol to so many people. We must fight against injustice and intolerance in any form, especially in our schools,” Ulman said.

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One photo that shows a student waving the flag while surrounded by other students cheering him on quickly went viral on social media.

The school system did not disclose the type of disciplinary actions that were taken against the three students.


What’s an appropriate form of discipline for these students?

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