According to a study released by the Equality Challenge Unit (ECU), white males are monopolizing the best paid jobs at universities in the U.K. 

From The Guardian:

Data collected last academic year by the ECU, a charity that advises universities on diversity issues, suggests that 78.3% of professors are men, while only 4% of black academic staff are professors.

“Universities need to be focusing on specific areas of action if we are going to transform the culture of higher education into one that is fair, inclusive, and offers the same chances to everyone,” said David Ruebain, chief executive of ECU.

The data – which was gathered in 2012-13 – shows that women are more likely to work part time as support staff or in an entry level academic role. They struggle to progress up the career ladder.

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Figures show that men are three times more likely to be in a senior level role than women. 11.8 percent of male staff are in senior contract level positions, but the rate is just 4.3 percent for women.

Despite women making up 44.5 percent of universities’ academic workforce, just 20 percent of vice-chancellors are women. Close to 80 percent of professors are men.

We must continue to find ways to even the playing field when it comes to creating opportunities for people of color and women.

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