According to a recent report released by the MacArthur Foundation, poor black women are evicted as much as black men are incarcerated.

The study also found that for various reasons, low-income women are evicted at much higher rates than men. 

From MacArthur Foundation:

In Milwaukee, a city of fewer than 105,000 renter households, landlords evict roughly 16,000 adults and children from 6,000 units each year. That’s 16 households evicted every day,

With 1 in 14 renter-occupied households evicted through the court system every year, eviction is commonplace in the city’s black neighborhoods.

Women from black neighborhoods in Milwaukee represented only 9.6 percent of the population, but accounted for 30 percent of the evictions.

Low wages and children are two reasons why women are evicted, but gender dynamics between predominantly male landlords is a key reason as well.

Poor black men may be locked up, but poor black women are locked out. Both phenomena work together to propagate economic disadvantage in the city.

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The report goes on to talk about the effects of evictions on tenants. “Evictions carry a stigma. Many landlords will not rent to persons who have been evicted, and an eviction can also ban a person from affordable housing programs.”

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