According to a recent report, kids who are victims of bullying have worse mental and physical health, more symptoms of depression and lower self-worth.

As time progresses, the symptoms become more prevalent. 

From NBC: 

Previous research has shown that bullying can lead to health problems, and the study in Monday’s Pediatrics demonstrated that the effects of bullying can actually snowball over time.

The researchers followed 4,297 children in Los Angeles, Birmingham, and Houston at three points: fifth, seventh, and 10th grades. The kids were asked about bullying and also completed questionnaires designed to look for symptoms of depression, low self-esteem and poor physical health.

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Victims of bullying had high levels of depressive symptoms, and more problems with basic physical activity. Children who are subjected to long-term bullying had poor psychological health that was seven times more than kids who had never been bullied.

Thoughts on the report?

How can we raise awareness about the long-term affects of bullying so it isn’t brushed off as just a “growing pain?”

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