I was walking in the door and held the door for a lady and of course that was the correct thing to do. But as I walked in behind her I realized it would’ve been nice to get a Thank You. How many times have that happened or are we so use to doing things that we’ve forgot that common respect between each other.   It is so many things that go on from day to day that are overlooked and sometimes ignored. For example how many times has someone let you in while you were driving and you didn’t give a simple gesture of thanks (by  waving your hand)or, how many times have someone stepped aside while you were walking behind them and let you past? It is so many things that occur from day to day that are easily ignored and overlooked as the respectful thing to do. Now I know in life sometimes we get busy and we are consumed with so much that we forget to say thank you.

When do we as people start to realize that it is a bigger issue that we are facing in America today within our community. When did it become alright for people to use profanity in front of elderly people. When did it become alright for you not to give up your seat for a pregnant woman or a woman with kids/strollers on the bus. When did it become alright for us to be at the grocery store and you have a cart full of items and the person behind you has 2 items and you not say to them go ahead in front of me.  When did it become alright for our youth to drop out of school and people in the community didn’t say anything to them about it. It is so many things that we do every day and if we took the extra step to make a difference in someone life by saying hello, giving a smile, holding a door,  that little bit can make a lot of  difference.  We as African American people have to remember to help each other like it once was because if we don’t who will help us?