Eroni Kumana isn’t a household name. But it definitely should be.

The man is the reason why the America saw its 35th president. He died this week, and is being remembered for saving the life of former President John F. Kennedy during WWII. 

From WGN TV:

In Solomon Islands, way out in the ocean, far off the coast of northwest Australia, a 93-year-old man died this week. His name was Eroni Kumana and he is the man who, in 1943, rescued a young U.S. Naval Lieutenant who was stranded out in the sea.

That navy man was former President John F. Kennedy. He and his crew had been on patrol when their boat was broken in half by a Japanese destroyer. Kennedy and 10 other survivors had to swim three miles to a coral reef.

Kumana just happened to be out in a canoe on that day, more than 70 years ago. He gave the Americans food and Kennedy sent him away with a “help” message etched on a coconut.

[…] And on his oval office desk, JFK used that same coconut as a paperweight.

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Kumana helped rescue all the men.

Mr. Kumana, your legacy may not have been well-known, but we acknowledge you for what you did.

Rest in peace.

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