The more affluent members of East Baton Rouge Parish are seeking to create a new city. The formation of the new city, St. George, would place a border around the much wealthier and whiter part of the parish.

The findings come in light of a new report commissioned by the Baton Rouge Area Chamber and Baton Rouge Area Foundation.

From The Times-Picayune:

The formation of the new city of St. George could put the finances of the rest of East Baton Rouge Parish and its school district in peril [,] could cause a $53 million hit to the general fund of the city of Baton Rouge and the remaining unincorporated parts of East Baton Rouge Parish — a blow that report author and LSU economist James Richardson said could force the city-parish to raise taxes on those remaining outside of St. George. The report also says police and fire services in Baton Rouge are likely to be cut.

From The Times-Picayune

The report gives lawmakers the first systematic look at how a formation of a new city in the parish affects the rest of the area. Advocates of the new city say their central goal is to create a new school district.

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