Parents of students attending a New York school are outraged after finding out their children were banned from writing about iconic civil rights leader Malcolm X. 

The assignment, given to fourth graders attending Public School 201 in Flushing, did not permit students to write about X because he was “violent” and “bad.” 

From New York Daily News:

Parent Cleatress Brown, 47, of Flushing complained to Principal Rebecca Lozada on Friday after a teacher forbade her fourth-grade son from writing a report on Malcolm X. “I’m outraged,” said Brown. “As a teacher, you’re imposing your opinion on a bunch of kids.”

She had her son write about him anyway — and then turn the paper in to her. “That’s called learning,” she said. Another parent, Angel Minor, said she was “very upset” after her son came home complaining he couldn’t do a report on Malcolm X for his technology class. “It was disrespectful to our history,” said Minor, 33, whose son is not in Brown’s class.

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Teachers argued that the black leader defended the use of violence against whites, which is true but as a form of self-defense.

New York City’s Department of Education officials said they were looking into the matter and would not defend it.

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