The Mississippi branch of the NAACP has stepped in after school officials ignored the fact that a white bus drive called some black passengers the n-word.

Parents in Moss Point-Jackson County accused the bus driver of saying the slur to a couple of students when they weren’t sitting down in their seats. 

From Black Home School:

The elementary school children on the bus were taken aback by this kind of behavior. Unfortunately this is not the first time that it has been reported that this particular bus driver has said racial slurs to the black children who ride his bus. The bus company and the school said that there wasn’t much that they could do as they didn’t have video or audio proof of what the children are alleging happened that day. The parents were not happy and after they felt like they were being given the cold shoulder they called in the NAACP.

Curley H. Clark, president of the local chapter of the NAACP was the one to come in and help the parents and students. They state that this is happened all too often and the school doesn’t want to see to do anything about it. Once the NAACP stepped in the school stated that they would take the matter into consideration and look it over. They stated that Mr. Clark’s accusations of them giving the parents the cold shoulder was wrong and that they were doing what they could to help in the situation.

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In addition to investigating that incident, Clark is demanding that the bus driver driver in question is placed under careful scrutiny and that safety regulations for the students on the bus be looked over as well.

The district will review all of the reports submitted by parents collected by Clark.

This seems like a pretty open and shut case.

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