Administrators at Corondelet High School for Girls in Concord, Calif. are in hot water after a controversial menu in celebration of Black History Month went public.

Students at the high school wanted to create a way to celebrate Black History Month during lunchtime. But when the school announced what was on the menu, students and parents were offended. 

From NBC Bay Area:

…when the school announced a lunch of fried chicken, cornbread and watermelon, students and parents were outraged and offended. The principal and dean refused to talk to NBC Bay Area on Wednesday.

An assembly was held at the campus Wednesday to discuss the issue and send an apology letter to parents.

“I’d like to apologize for the announcement and any hurt this caused students, parents or community members,” principal Nancy Libby said in the letter. “Please know that at no time at Carondelet do we wish to perpetrate racial stereotypes.”

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Several students told NBC Bay ARea that members of the Black Student union on campus suggested to the principal that watermelon be taken off the menu.

The principal agreed to the change. Fried chicken and cornbread will also be removed from the menu.

Hopefully this is a teachable moment for everyone involved.

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