A South Florida female correctional officer says she was sexual assaulted by 17 inmates inside a Miami correctional facility in December.

According to NBC 6, the woman said she was humiliated and suffered significant injuries. Three other corrections officers were also hurt, with no one alerting authorities for more than two months. 

From NBC 6:

“I was violated,” the woman exclusively told NBC 6. […] The alleged assault took place at the pre-trial detention facility near downtown Miami where the woman says she was assaulted when a cell door that should have been closed was opened.

The guard said that after more than 70 days had gone by she came to believe that Miami-Dade corrections managers were never going to report that she was the victim of a beating and sexual battery. At that point she threatened to break the jail’s chain of command rules and make the police report herself, if her supervisor didn’t call police right then.

“I was devastated. I was traumatized. I was physically and sexually assaulted,” said the woman, who wishes not to be identified.

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In a video exclusively obtained by NBC 6, prison guards of the center are seen coming to gain control of an open housing bay, squaring off with inmates. This was allegedly after the sexual attack. The female officer pointed to Derrick Harrell, 23, who is being held at the center as he awaits trial for murder as the ring leader.

The video also shows several inmates quickly moving through an open cell door. The female victim who came to confront Harrell, along with multiple sources, said a cell door or another one behind it should have been closed, but both were open. The guard was rushed to the emergency room and thought police were being called, but that wasn’t the case. She was away from work about 60 days and gave managers an official report when she returned.

“I was pushed, punched… in my head, face, neck… abdomen and back; the inmates began to grab my vaginal area, breast, and buttocks,” she said in the report. “I was kicked in the vaginal area and groped by several inmates. While I was being sexually assaulted… I thought I was about to be gang raped,” she told NBC 6.

Ultimately, the victim threatened to call police if her supervisor didn’t, and on March 15, 73 days after the alleged attack, police were notified. She is calling for the state’s attorney to investigate the incident.

What should happen from here?

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