A Shaw University student found himself in handcuffs for studying passed the school library’s hours.

Na’eem Wilkins, 21, an honor student and drum major for the school band was arrested for refusing to leave after the library closed at 11 p.m. 

From WRAL:

“He was like, ‘Can I have an extra ten minutes just to finish this exam,’” said Tina Akunwafor, a Shaw student who was in the library when Wilkins was arrested. “He was calm. It wasn’t like he created a ruckus or he was arguing back and forth. She just said ‘I’m going to call security’ and after that the police came and arrested him.”

Wilkins, who was charged with second degree trespassing, was allowed to stay in the library 30 minutes after closing but did not leave afterwards, said Odessa Hines, university spokesman.

“It’s unfortunate that he allowed the situation to escalate to that point,” she said. “I think obviously we never want to have to arrest a student, ever, on our campus.”

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Students, who held a demonstration in support of Wilkins, demanded that the charges against him be dropped. Thye’ve also requested that the university extend its library hours.

Starting Tuesday, the library will extend its hours during finals week.

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