Welcoming Shonda Rhimes to the Planned Parenthood national board was a no-brainer. Apparently, President Cecile Richards personally reached out to make the request. Rhimes told Elle that her instant answer to Richards’ request was a strong yes. 

“Shonda was already serving on the board out in Los Angeles, and she’s been a great supporter for a long time,” said Richards. “But what she brings not only to this board, but frankly to the world, is her commitment to lift up the stories of people who don’t always get heard, whether it’s in the way she talks about LGBT issues or women’s reproductive health care or [the way she] centers people of color on television.”

Rhimes Understands the Importance of Planned Parenthood

Despite never having to rely on the resources Planned Parenthood offers, Rhimes completely understands its necessity in today’s world.

“I think the point of our country, our planet, the reason we’re all here, one of the best things that we can do is be concerned about something even when it doesn’t concern us,” said Rhimes. “That’s the whole point. The fact that I’ve never had to use a Planned Parenthood, the fact that I’ve never been in need of medical services I couldn’t afford or didn’t have access to, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be concerned about the fact that other women don’t have that access. I think that’s important.”

Rhimes has centered abortion and women’s rights on shows like Scandal. This shows that she’s truly trying to present to viewers a world that reflects our own. This is exactly the kind of passion that won Richards over so quickly.

Hopefully, Rhimes’ voice will help educate more people on the importance of Planned Parenthood. The organization continues to play a major role in women’s rights, reproductive health, and millions of lives regardless of gender.


Photo via TED (YouTube)