Russian hackers recently accessed the World Anti-Doping Agency’s database and leaked the private medical records of top Olympic athletes such as Venus and Serena Williams and Simone Biles.

Among Biles listed records was a positive test result for a drug called methylphenidate, which is commonly known as Ritalin and mostly banned in Olympic competition. However, Biles saw the opportunity to come forward and explain that the WADA gave her an exception because she takes the drug to treat her ADHD. 

“Simone has filed the proper paperwork per USADA and WADA requirements, and there is no violation,” Steve Penny, president of USA Gymnastics, said in a statement released on Twitter. “The International Gymnastics Federation, the United States Olympic Committee and USADA have confirmed this. Simone and everyone at USA Gymnastics believe in the importance of a level playing field for all athletes.”

Biles took to her own Twitter account to speak on the recent leak.


While having one’s personal health records thrust into the public light is a horrific, traumatizing experience, Biles has handled it with the grace of a true champion.

Photo Credit: Twitter