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A north St. Louis man claims he was unfairly targeted, harassed and detained by police officers.

21-year-old Terry Robinson said officers saw him outside in the Blair neighborhood, handcuffed him and pretended to drive back to the police station. 

From KMOV4: 

Robinson caught the conversation inside the police cruiser on his cell phone. […] He said for weeks, two officers have been harassing him, claiming they want him to give up a name of anyone they can plant a gun on or else they’ll arrest him.

When asked where the gun was, Robinson said they had one but never showed it to him. The officers told him “I have a fully-loaded 38.” Officers were unaware that Robinson was filming the ride on his cell phone.

“Your nine years are going to seem like four times more. I know y’all said you need a gun and a body, got to have a body with it,” said NAME. “I don’t need no gun case. You know I’ll get you somebody.”

Robinson said they made it very clear what they’d do if he didn’t give up a name. “If you don’t give me anything in the next 24-hours then I’ll write this case up as you ran from me but you got away. But I know who you are and you had this gun.”

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While being detained in the cruiser, Robinson pleaded with officers to give him a bit more time to find another man to arrest. But instead of doing so, he contacted his lawyer after being released.

The video has been turned over to authorities and internal affairs is investigating.


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