UPDATE: Troy Davis is scheduled to be murdered TOMORROW! This is a travesty of justice. Check out Jasiri X’s latest blog post here. It includes information on how you can help place pressure on the state of Georgia to halt Davis’ execution.


Despite persistent doubts regarding his guilt, and calls for a retrial from the likes of Amnesty International, President Jimmy Carter, Rev. Al Sharpton and The Pope, Georgia Death Row inmate Troy Davis is set for execution on September 21st, 2011.

Recognizing the need to educate as many people as possible on Davis’ plight, a group of artists, educators and activists –dubbing themselves Educators for Troy –have launched the “TEACH TROY DAVIS” initiative. They are “calling on all educators to interrupt their regular teaching schedules this week to dedicate a class period to ‘Teach Troy.'”

Follow the link below to access the Teach Troy Davis website. It features a complimentary, emergency “Teach Troy Davis” curriculum, as well as a slew of resources, articles, important dates and contact information.

We implore anyone and everyone reading this to visit the TEACH TROY DAVIS site and get informed regarding this very important issue. A man’s life is at stake.