Students at Wilberforce University, the first college to be owned and operated by blacks, are threatening to leave the school.

Yesterday, nearly 70% of the student body requested withdraw forms:

Students at Wilberforce University met outside the administration building to deliver a message to university President Patricia Lofton Hardaway and demand change of “diminishing conditions.” The students said without action, they believe the 156-year-old university will close by 2015.

“We need some immediate change now,” said senior Brandon Harvey, president of the student government and protest organizer. “Academic life, spiritual life and social life are at an all-time low. I’m afraid when I come back three to five years from now, Wilberforce University will not be alive.”

Harvey said 337 students requested withdraw forms on Wednesday, and they will leave the school by fall 2013 if conditions do not improve. According to Wilberforce, 510 students are presently enrolled at the university. In response to the rally, university trustees met on Wednesday, but the board declined to comment until today, said university spokeswoman Marcia Copeland Hudson.

Read more at Dayton Daily News.

Wilberforce is one of several HBCUs who seem to be on the brink of shutting down.


Is this yet another warning of a major crisis for HBCUs?

What can be done to save Wilberforce and other schools with similar circumstances?

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