60 years after Brown v. Board desegregated public schools, a new report reveals the obvious:

American schools are still largely segregated along racial and economic lines.

African American and Latino students are likely to attend schools with very few white students, and are more likely to attend schools where a majority of students come from low-income families.

From Think Progress:

“The segregation of American schools has perpetuated and exacerbated the education gap that exists between black and Latino students and their white and Asian counterparts. American students from less-educated, lower-income backgrounds are less likely to go to college than they are in other countries, and even high-achieving students from low-income backgrounds are far less likely to complete college than similar students from upper-income backgrounds. That has suppressed economic mobility for blacks and Latinos, two groups already disadvantaged in the American economy.”

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What do we do about the persistent problem of segregation in American schools?

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