According to a recent study, black and Latino “hip-hop” students are disproportionately punished in urban schools.

The study’s lead researcher and Michigan State University Assistant Professor of Education Muhammad Khalifa found that students who identified with hip-hop culture were often removed from school because of their dress and cultural behaviors.

From MSU Today:

“School culture is very hostile toward hip-hop student identities,” said Khalifa, a former Detroit school teacher who identified with hip-hop culture as a young man. “Teachers possess an impulse to suspend or expel nontraditional students.”

While Khalifa’s study illustrated discrimination among minority hip-hop students, it also found a bright spot. One urban school principal allowed hip-hop students to exhibit their identities, while at the same modifying what he viewed as negative behaviors. Ultimately, the low-performing students improved their academic performance.

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On Jan. 8, the Obama administration issued federal guidelines encouraging schools to drop their zero tolerance policies.

Critics have long argued that the policies discriminate against and unfairly target minority students.

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Will the day ever come that people of color are not judged by their appearance?

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