A Detroit teacher was fired after a cell phone video showed her using a broom to break up a fight between two students. In the video, two male students are fighting for at least 30 seconds before the teacher intervenes. 

From WJBK:

When the teacher does intervene, she appears to strike one of the students on the back with a broom multiple times. The student backs off, but then the other student runs back towards him and the fight continues.  The fight finally appears to end up when a student steps in and pulls the two apart. The video ends moments later.

Now, the Pershing High School teacher is out of a job as the school district says it does not tolerate child abuse. Pershing is part of the Education Achievement Authority, the state’s school turnaround district. The EAA district does not have a union so the teacher has no ground to file an appeal.

A spokesperson for the EAA released this statement on the matter:
“The Education Achievement Authority of Michigan has recommended the teacher’s termination of employment to its Board of Directors. Which means the termination is effective immediately; she will have an opportunity, like any other employee, to meet with the board as they consider this recommendation at its next scheduled board meeting. She will be notified in writing of the confirmed date and time of the next scheduled board meeting. The teacher was hired on Jan. 27 2014.”

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A representative from Pershing’s communications office says teachers were instructed to call for security on a walkie talkie during altercations. This teacher’s walkie talkie was broken.

Kiren Lowery, one of the students fighting in the video, says that while he does not feel responsible for the teacher’s termination, she was one of his favorites. He also thinks she should have waited for security to come. The students were suspended for 10 day. WKQI-FM’s Mojo in the Morning has started a GoFundMe account to help the teacher. Click here for donation information.

Should the teacher have waited for security? Were her actions extreme?

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