A Cincinnati high school teacher has been suspended without pay after allegedly making racially insensitive comments to a student.

Gil Voigt, a white Fairfield Freshman School teacher who also faces the prospect of dismissal, is accused of telling a black male student, “We do not need another black president” after the student said he’d like to become president one day. 

From Cincinnati Inquirer:

The incident occurred on Dec. 3, with several other students present, according to a report from Assistant Superintendent Roger Martin, who conducted a disciplinary hearing on the matter.

It isn’t the first time the 14-year Fairfield teacher has been disciplined. He received a verbal warning for making an inappropriate racial comment in 2008. That year he also received a verbal warning for improper use of school technology.

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Last year Voigt was given a verbal warning after allegedly belittling a student and calling him stupid. Following a complaint from the student’s parents, the teen was removed from Voigt’s classroom.

On Monday, the Fairfiled Board of Education suspended Voigt. He has 10 days to request a hearing before the school board/referee.

What do you think of the incident? Were Voigt’s remarks racist or political opinion?

Should Voigt be relieved of his duties?

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