Deidre Brown is infuriated that her son’s teacher hasn’t been fired for pouring pencil shavings down his throat during class.

Arlington, Texas eighth grader Marquis Jay was sitting in his chair, leaning his head back with his mouth open, when his teacher walked over and poured pencil shavings into his mouth. Marquis went to the nurse and washed his mouth out.

The teacher was suspended for their actions, but has since resumed work.


“I wanted to cry because it was like, how could she do that?” says Brown. “What kind of message is it sending to the kids? She is supposed to be the teacher – the adult.”

The school board claims the incident had been investigated to their satisfaction and that proper disciplinary action was taken when it occurred a month ago. The board suspended the teacher who has now returned to work. Reportedly, the teacher was not assigned to Jay’s class but had just stopped in to “help out.”

Meanwhile, the teacher has since apologized to Jay and told the youth she was not in her right mind, Jay told CBS, “She said sorry for what happened. She wasn’t thinking right.”



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