Last month, we reported fantastic news of Oakland scholar and athlete Akintunde Ahmad.

The Oakland Technical High School senior got several offers to top-tier schools, but has decided to take his brains to Yale.

And to make things better, Ahmad was blessed with a shopping spree by members of the Oakland Raiders. 

From ABC:

The 18-year-old, who’s graduating at the top of his class with a 5.0 GPA and scored 2100 on the SAT, also received an unexpected gift from general manager Reggie McKenzie. “Another gift from the Raiders, a Windows Pro Surface computer,” McKenzie said. “So this thing will serve you very well at Yale University. Okay, from the Raiders — thank you, congratulations.”

Ahmad made national headlines when he was accepted to ten universities. He even appeared on the Ellen Degeneres show last month.

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In addition to excelling academically, Ahmad is musically and athletically inclined. The teen plays three instruments and is an outstanding baseball player.

Monday night, Ahmad was honored as the Oakland region’s student athlete of the year by California’s governing body for high school sports.

Much success to Ahmad as he enters his next phase at Yale!

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