A 16-year-old Texas teen who found out she was raped via social media is speaking out. It is not The Black Youth Project’s policy to identify rape victims, but the young girl is choosing to identify herself.

Jada, spoke to KHOU about the rape last week. She said that she has nothing to hide and wants the teens who did this brought to justice. 

Jada found out after images of her, drugged and half naked after attended what she thought was a safe house party surfaced on Twitter under the hashtag #jadapose. Now, she is using the medium to raise awareness of rape. 

From HLN:

The young woman is bravely speaking publicly about the ordeal and supporters have started a #IAmJada campaign on Twitter. Police continue to investigate Jada’s claims, but no arrests have been made.

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#IAMJADA has gained thousands of supporters who condemn not just the act of rape, but the mockery of Jada’s experience. Houston police are investigating.

Kudos to this strong young woman for not giving up in her quest for justice. She is a voice for all people who have unfortunately endured such treatment.

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