A mother is calling for an investigation after police used a taser on her son in what she calls an “excessive use of force.”

Surveillance video and cell phone footage shows a Hartfort, Connecticut police officer walking toward 18-year-old Luis Anglero Jr. Anglero walks toward the officer and then appears to suddenly stop and put his arms at his sides.

From FoxCT:

Then the officer takes a few more steps forward before firing his Taser at Anglero, who immediately falls to the ground. The incident unfolded just after 1 p.m. in Hartford’s North End, near the corner of Garden Street and Albany Avenue.

Anglero’s mother and sisters watched in horror as he hit his head on the sidewalk and then writhed on the ground.

“[The officer] told my brother, if you move up more I’m going to tase you, so my brother he went like this, he went like this, he was standing like this and then the guy just shot him for no reason with the tase,” said Nautigo Negron, Anglero’s sister.

Anglero’s mother says he was initially trying to help his sister, who was involved in a completely unrelated fight near the corner mini market. He was running to help his sister, and admitted he was looking for the man who allegedly hit her.

Before Anglero could get anywhere near the scene of the fight, which had already been stopped, the officer told him to stop and then struck him with the Taser.

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Cell phone footage was recorded by a friend of Anglero’s who says the officer did not have to strike the teen with a taser. Anglero is being treated at a local hospital.

Hartford Police Department Chief Brian Foley says Anglero is under arrest, and will be charged with interfering with police and breach of peace

Police also did not disclose the name of the officer involved.
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