Best Buy has officially apologized after charging $42 for a pack of water bottles during the chaos of Hurricane Harvey. 

“This was a big mistake on the part of a few employees at one store on Friday,” said a spokesperson, according to The Daily Mail. “We’re sorry and it won’t happen again.”

The photo was shared by a reporter, Ken Klippenstein,  who caught wind of the incredible price gouging by a local resident. Kilppenstein then shared the photo with his 33,000 Twitter followers and it quickly spread with many calling out the company for taking advantage of people in their time of need.

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If you’re wondering how this kind of mistake could’ve happened, it’s simple. The individual bottles of water at the location are already incredibly high, so employees just did the math and followed suit.

“Not as an excuse but as an explanation, we don’t typically sell cases of water. The mistake was made when employees priced a case of water using the single-bottle price for each bottle in the case.” the spokesperson said as they attempted to clarify.

It’s been reported that price gouging was a common occurrence in stores in the area and hundreds of complaints were filed. The Texas Attorney General was reportedly looking to investigate and reminded everyone that hefty fines of $20-250,000 dollars could be handed out as a result.