In August, Attorney General Eric Holder set in motion a lawsuit to stop a voter identification law in Texas.

The law, if put into effect, would require registered voters to provide identification in order to vote.

This is particularly problematic for the elderly and people of color, as many of them do not have the necessary means to obtain proper identification.

True to Vote, a voter integrity group, is trying to block the Department of Justice’s lawsuit.

From Town Hall:

“The Holder Justice Department has made clear its litigation against Texas will serve as a warning that other states should not pursue election integrity measures – True the Vote stands ready to fight their effort to dilute voters’ rights,” True to Vote President Catherine Engelbrecht said in statement.  “When the DOJ makes baseless claims to obscure the integrity of the voting process, we will not stand idly by. If Texas is to be labeled a political prize by the Plaintiffs and their Interveners, attacking election integrity will not be an acceptable strategy.”

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The Department of Justice’s suit came after the Supreme Court struck down key parts of the Voting Rights Act that allowed southern states to change election laws without permission.

The voter identification requirement was overwhelmingly supported by residents in the state with 80% of those in favor of the measure.

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