Let’s make this clear: Palestine has no navy, army or air force; this is not a war, this  genocide!

The people of Palestine have been suffering for many years but lets start at 1948 when the British, the United Nations and the Zionist Movement decided to split Palestine and allow the Jewish population to occupy their country through a white supremacist settler model of colonial domination. Did they ask Palestine if this was OK?  Of course not.  This sparked the Arab/Israeli war and by 1949, Israelis made up 30 percent of the population but occupied 75 percent of the land.  As a result, Israel has functioned as a military outpost for U.S. imperialism which has exploited and dominated the middle east for decades.  It is important to state that the USA was engaged in warfare with the Soviet Union (Cold War) to combat the idea that communism would suppress the freedom of mankind and ultimately the world would sink into a dark abyss.  So the USA fought the soviets for “freedom” while supporting the Israelis in their enslavement of the Palestinians?  We could spend days on all the contradictions within the imperialistic countries.


It is unclear of how many murders there are during genocidal occupation (the oppressors controls the media) but since 2000, an estimated 6,800 Palestinians have been murdered, 1,600 of them being children.  On the Flip side, about 1,110 Israelis have been killed with a small percentage being children.  This is only 14 years while Palestine has been occupied since 1948.  We can only imagine the devastation. Recently, Israel have began an aggressive military attack against Palestine because of a supposed kidnapping of three young people that were murdered by the hands of the Palestinians.  as of July 1st,  Israeli warplanes launched more than 20 sorties, bombing 36 locations, including agricultural lands in the southern, central and northern Gaza Strip.  On Wednesday, July 2, Palestinian teenager Mohammed Abu Khdeir, 16, was kidnapped and burned to death by Israeli forces in a Jerusalem forest.  Since July 1st, 78 Palestinians have been killed including  14 children age 15 and under including four toddlers.  How is this not genocide? When does the murder of three people warrant massive bombings and further bloodshed?

We must support our sisters and brothers in Palestine from extinction by the hands of global white supremacists.  We must put pressure on our country (USA) and other supporting countries.  We must reach out to individuals, organizations and countries that are willing to support Palestine.  People like Dr. Angela Davis, Minster Louis Farrakhan, and Chairman Omali Yeshitela support the Palestinian resistance so reach out to their organizations and see what we can do as a collective to end this genocidal occupation.  If we can come together to support South African Apartheid, we must do the same for Palestine.